“Could Shakespeare have listened to Verdi?“

Most people who are interested in knowing famous historical figures, have an idea about, the day that they were born and died as well as, their famous works and their chronologies. How many of us, however, can contemplate on the notion of relations of dates? How many of us can envisage “Vivaldi and Bach live in the same period of time” or “The year that Michelangelo died, Shakespeare was born”

“Timeline” is an installation that aims to seek the intersection/ relation/ connection/ transmission of people’s lives (the one’s who are sorted as composers, authors, scientists, politicians, artists and philosophers) and their works with a way of representing it visually as the graphic constitution of that information.

To be able to transfer the information, written data, numbers and the text is one way to communicate with people. However, to be able to create a relationship with multiple data, visualization is a must! How we can comprehend the information overload, can be solved with a potentials of design that has a better communication skills to sort all information for better understanding.

The installation questions how data can be visualized with the help of an algorithmic modeling tool. Firstly, the work flow starts with collecting the data and it continues in 3d modeling environment. The numeric data is processed to visualize a graph/a time line. The output geometries are operated from the numbers of dates parametrically, yet the overall visual is data driven art.

The Installation enables an interactive experience besides the overall represented visual to all participants. Without installing any applications, one can scan the qr code and directly connected to a screen which is a projection of the final visual. To be able read the data successfully, such features that zooming in/out, filtering, changing the geometries and personalizing the visual is open for all users to change. During these processes all changes/ data are stored as assets for enriching the further informatics aspects.

The project was selected to be exhibited in the “bang.Prix2019” which is organized by ArtBizTech, and the exhibition is being held in StudioX-Istanbul between June 14 and 29 (2019).